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We are sorry to have to report the terrible news of the Sugar Bush Supplies fire on Friday, July 23rd.

The Fogles had just unloaded a full truck load of Bacon Jugs into the warehouse and closed for the day at noon. At 12:40pm, the last employee had left the building and there was no sign that anything was wrong. Some of the family members were in other buildings on the property, when they noticed smoke coming out of the warehouse at about 1 pm. Family and friends scrambled to retrieve important documents, computers and inventory from the building.

Shortly after the firefighters arrived, the steel warehouse roof collapsed from the intense blaze. It took about 30 firefighters from Dansville, Delhi Township, Mason, Meridian Township and Williamston to keep the fire from spreading to nearby buildings on the property. The nearest fire hydrant is about a mile north of the business, so firefighters were forced to transport water in tankers.

The cause is undetermined as yet, but some type of electrical is suspected. It was determined that the fire started in the upstairs storage of the warehouse. The building and all warehouse inventory is a total loss, but fortunately they were able to salvage some records, computers and showroom stock. Fortunately, no one was in the warehouse when the fire broke out, so there weren’t any injuries.

Nothing can keep the Fogles from conducting business. Rick contacted one of their customers that has a construction company at 8am on Saturday and by 11am there was a trailer in place and their office was fully functioning.

They are doing their best to take care of their customers needs as best as possible, but have little stock on hand, except for glass bottles. Fortunately, they store their glass bottles in another building, and thus have an ample supply. For customers in need of supplies, they are drop shipping directly from the manufacturer or getting supplies from other suppliers in the area when possible. If you are in need of supplies, you can contact the Fogles at their normal numbers and location.

They are making plans to rebuild, and hope to be fully operational by late fall. They appreciate everyone’s calls of concern, patience and support while they work through this difficult situation.

Flames shown from the front of Sugar Bush Supplies Warehouse.



Photo from the back of the Sugar Bush Supplies Warehouse
showing smoke billowing out of the top of the warehouse.



Smoke pouring out of the North East Corner
of the Sugar Bush Supplies Warehouse.



Smoldering Sugar Bush Supplies Warehouse.


Aftermath of the Sugar Bush Supplies Fire


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