About Us

About the MMSA

The Michigan Maple Syrup Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of maple sugaring in Michigan and the promotion of Michigan pure maple products. If you have more than just a passing interest in the science, industry, commerce, or enjoyment of maple products anywhere in the world, please consider becoming a member of our organization.


  • Speak with recognized authority and reliability in the interests of Michigan maple producers
  • Represent Michigan maple producers in any regional, national, and international maple organizations and any other organizations or forums designed to improve the maple industry
  • Develop and enhance advertising, educational, and publicity activities designed to promote Michigan maple products
  • Actively lobby for and encourage the adoption of State legislation that will protect and enhance Michigan maple products
  • Develop an MMSA logo as a standard of quality for use by members and to promulgate rules governing its use
  • Encourage and cooperate with the Michigan Dept. of Agriculture, the Extension Service, the Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station, and Michigan Colleges and Universities in the development of research, programs, and initiatives promoting the Michigan maple industry
  • Actively recruit membership in MMSA of all Michigan maple producers and all related organizations
  • Communicate regularly with all members through scheduled meetings and through a three-season quarterly newsletter