Where can I buy Maple Syrup?

Maple syrup and maple syrup products can be purchased from our members across the state. Find the producer nearest you from the list below.



Britt Family Pure Maple Syrup

Owners Bill and Cyndie Britt would like to invite you to our sugarbush. We are located 10 miles west of Tawas on Highway M – 55, and ¼ mile north on Greenwood Rd. Along with Pure Maple Syrup we also make our own Maple Candy and Maple Cream. Maple Cotton Candy is available during the spring maple syrup production season.

We have all of our taps on a tubing system with vacuum, and boil the sap in a 3’ X 12’ All Stainless Steel Evaporator. Our syrup is filtered with a pressure filter called a filter press to ensure the highest quality product.

Our syrup is packaged in plastic jugs ranging in size from ½ pint, 1 pint, 1 quart, ½ gallon and gallon. We also have a variety of decorative glass containers depicting “Michigan” pure maple syrup.

We can be contacted by phone 989 362 0084 or email at bbritt@idealwifi.net