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Educational Benefits


The annual meeting of the membership of the MMSA is generally held in January of each year at a central location in the state. The next annual meeting will be held on January 17, 2015, and will include a business meeting of the membership, educational sessions and a display area of sugaring equipment and supplies vendors. The 2017 Meeting will be at the Comfort Inn & Suites in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.


Friday Sept. 22, 3 pm – 8 pm in the Mio, MI area

Training session on the safety issues and proper use of chain saws. MMSA member Tim Boonstra is the coordinator.

Saturday Sept. 23, in the Fairview – Mio area of Northeast Lower Michigan. Will convene Saturday morning at the Dale and Julie Forrester Sugar Bush of Atlanta.

As associate members of the North American Maple Syrup Council (NAMSC) and the International Maple Syrup Institute (IMSI), members are encouraged to take advantage of the joint annual meeting of these two organizations. The meeting is hosted at rotating sites each year, with each of the sixteen member states and provinces taking turns hosting.

Video Library

We have a full library of most of the maple videos available and make them available to you for a reasonable rental fee. Our library contains the following titles currently:

  • The Maple Sugaring Story— A video and educational workbook (suitable for the classroom) for teaching and learning about the legend, science, and history of Michigan Maple as it spans from early Native Americans to today’s commercial industry (Pub 1990) (29 min)
  • Frost and Fire— A 15 minute video about making maple syrup -IMSI
  • Sugar Bush Management: A Guide to Improve Sap Production— Using tree management, tree removal techniques, thinning, site selection, and logging to improve sap production (20 min) -Cornell Cooperative Extension
  • Maple Sap Production: From Tree to Collection Tank— This video covers sap collection, site evaluation, lateral & mainlines, and tapping techniques (30 min) -Cornell Cooperative Extension
  • Maple Sap Processing: Converting Sap to Syrup for a Quality Product— This video covers sugarhouse, cost and site, sap storage, safety, and types of equipment -Cornell Cooperative Extension
  • Maple Sugaring: A Springtime Tradition— The history, tradition, and production methods of sugar making in Michigan (20 min) -MMSA
  • Maple Syrup: A Sweet Gift From Nature— This entertaining video looks at the making of maple syrup by the VandeBunte family. (25 min)


The MMSA publishes three newsletters each year—March, August, and December—which are sent to current members. The newsletter provides up-to-date information regarding:

Dates of upcoming association and national maple events.
Research findings from research projects of interest to the industry.
Educational materials regarding the production and marketing of Michigan maple products.
Advertising and classified ads regarding maple equipment and supplies available.
Other information of general interest to our membership.


MMSA is a member of the International Maple Syrup Institute (IMSI), a promotion and marketing organization made up of U.S. and Canadian producers and processors. MMSA also sends a delegate to the meetings of the North American Maple Syrup Council (NAMSC), which comprises sixteen member states and provinces. The council was organized to promote and support maple research.

Promotional Benefits

The association has developed a number of promotional materials available to our members to promote their products and educate their communities about maple sugaring.


It’s Spring in Michigan: Welcome to Maple, a tri-fold brochure on the history and how-to of sugaring in Michigan
Some Observations and Facts About Michigan Maple Syrup Production, a simple card of quick facts and maple jargon (it even includes a few recipes)
Michigan Maple Syrup: the sweetness of Michigan is our first attempt at a brochure to help members advertise their products in a joint project (it lists 22 members who “bought” advertising space to jointly fund the project)
Michigan Maple Syrup Recipes, a nice little 16 page booklet of recipes from the kitchens of Michigan’s leading maple producers (lots of tried and true recipes your customers will love


The following stickers are available to help promote Michigan Maple Syrup on your packaged products:

Select Michigan (1.25-inch round sticker)
MMSA Logo (1.25-inch round sticker)

Other Promotional Items

Maple Syrup For Sale Sign, featuring the IMSI Pure Maple Syrup Logo
Maple Syrup License Plate, also features the IMSI logo.
MMSA Logo Window Decal
Listing on this Web site

To order sales items such as Stickers, License Plates, Member Signs, Recipe Books, Coloring Books, etc from MMSA
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Information Services

MMSA membership links you to the friendship and knowledge of 200 other sugar-makers, plus gains you access to educational and research centers and industry regulatory offices.