Member Forms

Membership Forms

Membership in the Michigan Maple Syrup Association is open to any individuals interested in the maple syrup process.
2018 Online Application for Membership.

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Sales Items Form

MMSA members may purchase a variety of items from the MMSA (License Plates, Stickers, Member of MMSA Signs, Nutrition Cards, Maple Fact Cards, Maple DVDs, etc).
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Get Listed in Directory on MMSA Web page

The Website has been receiving many hits by consumers looking to purchase MI Maple Products. Thus, the board has established a program for all members of the MMSA to participate in our website for the purpose of selling their products. You must be a paid current member to participate. There will be two listings available: a Directory listing and a Descriptive listing. We hope this new service will increase sales for our members.

  • DIRECTORY LISTING: ($20.00 per year)

    There will be three categories available to visitors to our site and you may advertise on anyone of all of them. The categories are:

    • Retail Maple Products
    • Wholesale Maple Products
    • Maple Equipment and Supplies

    Each listing will allow up to five lines. Due to the need for conformity and page layout requirements, we will only accept directory type information in this listing, including name, address, city/state/zip, phone and e-mail address.

  • DESCRIPTIVE LISTING: ($30.00 per year in addition to the Directory Listing)

    If you would like to advertise additional information, such as products offered, specific location information or hours, you may sign up for an additional listing or have a link to your own website. If you do not have your own website, you can provide a descriptive paragraph(s). The official response to inquiries regarding availability of syrup and supplies will be to direct individuals to our website listings. It is MMSA Board’s policy to keep the complete membership list unavailable to the general public. This protects our members. Referral to this list also eliminates any concerns over whose name is given out or advertised. If you wish to have your name given out as a syrup or equipment source, the website listing is the way to do it. The lists of maple syrup and equipment suppliers will be available on our website address of:


To add your name to our site, download and complete the MMSA Website Directory Listing Form here a and mail it with your check or money order (payable to MMSA) to:

Arnold Hammel
725 E. Ward Road
Shepherd, MI 48883