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To find the latest weather information for your area, follow the instructions for using the weather sites listed below. Most of them update their records every 15 minutes or so directly from the NOAA weather station database, which is a repository for weather information coming from local National Weather Service installations around the United States. Not all sites are limited to the U.S., so you can also find current weather information for most areas of the world here.

Nothing about the weather is ever certain, and we cannot warrant that all of the information on every site is accurate and current. But accurate and timely weather information is essential if you are tapping your own maple trees, so always check more than one service before deciding when to start. That said, these Web sites do give you access the same weather data your local meteorologists stake their reputations on when they predict your weather.

Please note that we do not control the content of these sites (and, in some cases, how they will launch), so we have opened this additional window so you don't lose your place on our site when you leave to find your local weather. Just close this window when you are through. Also, be aware that most of these sites are funded by sponsors and contain advertising to keep their services updated and free to the public.

(National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration / National Weather Service)

For North America at least, this is the source for most of the information contained in the commercial sites listed below. Current weather conditions, forecasts, radar & satellite images, alerts, interactive weather maps, historical data, numerical and graphical forecast models - you name it, and it's there (and more). Click around these companion sites for a wealth of colorful and animated information used by meteorologists, businesses, and individuals to make sense of their environment and to plan for the future.

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Weather Underground

Very broad information source, with radar/satellite images, current conditions, 5-day forecasts, history & almanac information, regional conditions, astronomy information, local photos, and personal weather station readings in your area.

Find the Weather for any City, State, Zipcode, or Country


Very broad information source that packs a lot of information into a small space (to make room for rather large ads). Don't miss all the great resources (satellite images, radar, Nexrad, alerts, history, etc.) accessed through the menu bar at the top of the page.


USA WeatherNet

Simple reporting site with current conditions, forecasts, alerts, radar, etc. Once at the site, use the link bar on the left to “drill down” to the information you want.


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