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Come walk with us through the history and life of Michigan Maple Syrup.

The history of Michigan Maple Syrup is nearly as old as the land itself! Native Americans were making maple syrup here centuries ago. Today, Michigan maple syrup is made both traditionally and in modern facilities using the latest refinement technologies. But the taste of pure maple syrup is as irresistibly delicious today as it was for our ancestors.

We invite you to explore our Web site to discover how Michigan's early inhabitants made maple syrup. Learn about the science of maple syrup production and our most recent technological innovations. Find out where you can see maple syrup being made and even how you can make it yourself. Then, try out some of our recipes and cooking suggestions, and treat yourself to the sweetness of Michigan.

Michigan Maple Weekend!

8th Annual Michigan Maple Weekend Begins March 16th!

Join us for one of our three weekends across the state of Michigan, for an opportunity to experience what goes on at a Michigan maple sugar bush! The trees will be tapped and the sap flowing, see how it is harvested and made into the great tasting syrup you enjoy! Some of the other products you might catch a glimpse of being made are maple candy, maple cream, maple sugar and so much more! Meet the sugar makers and take the opportunity to support your local businesses and purchase some of the great flavors to enjoy at home.

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2018 Fall Tour

2018 Fall Tour, September 22nd - Ludington Area !

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Maple Syrup Recipes

Pure maple syrup is a great alternative to artificial sweeteners. Michigan maple syrup is a natural, unrefined and nutritious sweetener
making it a smart choice for any baking or cooking! These maple syrup recipes, and so many more, are available on our Pinterest page!

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Maple Syrup Facts

How much do you know about this wonderful Michigan product?

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Syrup Education

Learn as much as you can here.  Whether you are a hobbyist or producer, you are always able to learn more.

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